NuCalm Best Practices

What journey is best for me?

General Health, Energy, or Recovery

  • NuCalm every afternoon to your natural endpoint when possible, otherwise a minimum of 20-30 min
    • Use the Rescue tracks for 30 min. or longer (or PowerNap if you really can only spare 20 min)
  • An afternoon Rescue or PowerNap can replace caffeine, naps, or sugar for afternoon dips in focus and energy

Stress or Anxiety Relief

  • For daily stress or anxiety relief, use Rescue or PowerNap any time before 7pm
  • For situational anxiety, Rescue in anticipation of the stressful event
  • For maximum relief, use the longer Rescue tracks

Cognitive Performance

  • NuCalm before a presentation, exam, game, etc. for focus
    • We recommend using Ignite to increase adrenaline/for an energy boost or using FlowState for an immersive experience and creativity boost
  • NuCalm after learning something new to improve memorization
    • PowerNap or FlowState tracks are recommended
  • Use the FlowState tracks for focus, creativity, and cognitive performance
  • Use Focus tracks for concentration, clarity, comprehension, and attention

Injury, Post-op, Feeling Unwell, Cancer, or Hangover Recovery

  • NuCalm as soon as possible and as frequently as possible to your natural endpoint
  • You cannot overdo NuCalm, so NuCalm as much as you can until you feel better
  • Always use the Rescue tracks for deep recovery – the longer, the better
  • For cancer patients, we recommend doing at least one daily Rescue session and using DeepSleep over a speaker every night

Waking Up Tired

  • Keep the NuCalm app and headphones by your bed
  • Set your alarm an hour before you have to wake up and replace it with a 50 min., or longer, NuCalm Rescue session
  • Replace your morning coffee with a morning NuCalm using any of the Rescue tracks
  • NOTE: 20 minutes of NuCalm is equivalent to approximately 2 hours of restorative sleep

Trouble Falling or Staying Asleep

  • While you are getting ready for bed or once you are ready to fall asleep, begin playing a DeepSleep track on your speaker. We recommend listening to either the 8- or 10-hour tracks for best results. Do not restart/manually loop DeepSleep tracks - there is no "loop" option for a reason.
  • Be sure to do a NuCalm Rescue session during the day. Though NuCalm Rescue does not necessarily put you to sleep at night, it relieves stress, guides you toward the onset of sleep, and helps your body get ready for bed at night
  • You can use earbuds for comfort in bed and remove them any time as you roll over and fall into sleep
  • Use the Rescue journeys to help guide you back to sleep if you wake up in the night. We do not recommend restarting the DeepSleep tracks at any point in the night, especially within 4 hours of your wake up time

Jet Lag

  • Drink lots of water and add electrolytes to your diet as part of your pre-flight routine; dehydration during travel is common and increases the potential for jet lag
  • Be sure to NuCalm before your travel day for at least 30 minutes
  • Once you are comfortable in your seat, start NuCalm (Rescue or PowerNap tracks recommended)
  • For longer flights, do another NuCalm session an hour before the end of the flight (keep your disc on throughout the flight, if you choose to wear a disc during your NuCalm sessions)
  • If you still feel sluggish or are having a difficult time adjusting to your local time zone, NuCalm (Rescue or PowerNap) again once you arrive at your destination
  • When you wake up the next morning, start your day with Rescue or PowerNap and try to fit in a session each day you are traveling