NuCalm protocols

What journey is best for me?

General Health, Energy, or Recovery

  • NuCalm every afternoon to your natural endpoint when possible, otherwise a minimum of 20-30 min
  • Use the Rescue tracks for 30 min. or longer (or Recharge if you really can only spare 20 min)
  • An afternoon NuCalm can replace caffeine, naps, or sugar for afternoon dips in focus and energy

Stress or Anxiety Relief

  • For daily stress or anxiety relief, NuCalm any time before 7pm
  • For situational anxiety, NuCalm in anticipation of the stressful event
  • For maximum relief, use the longer Rescue tracks

Cognitive Performance

  • NuCalm before a presentation, exam, game, etc. for focus
  • NuCalm after learning something new to improve memorization
  • Use the Reboot tracks for focus, creativity, and cognitive performance

Injury, Post-op, Feeling Unwell, Cancer, or Hangover Recovery

  • NuCalm as soon as possible and as frequently as possible to your natural endpoint
  • You cannot overdo NuCalm, so NuCalm as much as you can until you feel better
  • Always use the Rescue tracks for deep recovery – the longer, the better

Waking Up Tired

  • Keep NuCalm by your bed
  • Set your alarm half an hour before you have to wake up and replace it with a 30 min., or longer, NuCalm
  • Replace your morning coffee with a morning NuCalm using any of the Rescue tracks
  • NOTE: 20 minutes of NuCalm is equivalent to approximately 2 hours of restorative sleep

Trouble Falling or Staying Asleep

(if you do not have the Premium Subscription with DEEP SLEEP)

  • Keep NuCalm by your bed
  • Though NuCalm does not put you to sleep, it relieves stress and guides you toward the onset of sleep
  • You can use earbuds for comfort in bed and remove them any time as you roll over and fall into sleep
  • Use the Rescue journeys to help guide you toward sleep

Jet Lag

  • Drink lots of water and add electrolytes to your diet as part of your pre-flight routine; dehydration during travel is common and increases the potential for jet lag
  • Be sure to NuCalm before your travel day for at least 30 minutes
  • Once you are comfortable in your seat, start NuCalm
  • For longer flights, do another NuCalm session an hour before the end of the flight (keep your disc on throughout the flight)
  • If you still feel sluggish or are having a difficult time adjusting to your local time zone, NuCalm again once you arrive at your destination
  • When you wake up the next morning, start your day with NuCalm and try to fit in a NuCalm session each day you are traveling