Using NuCalm offline

You will need an internet connection to download and log into the app. Then once logged in, you can download journeys for offline use. The app will prompt you to connect to WiFi or cellular data every 30 days to renew your licenses.

Please follow the instructions below to use offline playback:

- Ensure your WiFi is turned on.

- Select the journey (Recharge, Reboot, or Rescue) you want to download a track from.

- Select your session length in minutes.

- Press and hold the time button time until you see "Download ↓".

- Press and hold "Download ↓".

- You will see "Download Complete" when the track has finished downloading.

- The track is ready for use when a checkmark is displayed next to the time button.

- Select length - Press and hold - Download in progress - Ready for use

To play the track while not connected to WiFi, please follow these directions:

1. Open your NuCalm app.

2. Disconnect from WiFi.

3. Select the journey you want and make sure that it has been downloaded (checkmark next to the timestamp).

4. Select Start to begin your NuCalm session.