What is the NuCalm Relax Calming Cream?

The Relax Calming Cream reduces muscle and joint inflammation.

A properly functioning GABAergic system is vital for relaxation, restoration, and balance. NuCalm helps reduce stress, promote recovery and generate calm by working at the root causes of the problem – the imbalanced neurochemical and neuroelectrical systems.
Before the biosignal processing discs were launched in 2018, a micro-stimulation device and calming cream were used to neutralize the stress response which enabled the patented neuroacoustic software to quickly, reliably, and consistently slow down the brain wave function to theta, the healing zone.
The Relax Calming cream can be used in isolation and helps reduce inflammation and pain when used topically on the body. Many community members use the Relax cream topically for a sprained joint, menstrual cramps, and general muscle tightness. View NuCalm Relax Calming Cream to learn more.

Please do not apply the Relax Calming Cream on an open wound.