What are the different journeys?

General "How To Use" - contains a brief description of each journey, what you can expect, how and when to use it, and our daily recommended protocols for overall brain health, improved sleep, and improved performance

Rescue & PowerNap - for recovery, restoration, and resilience (12Hz - 4Hz, Alpha and Theta brain waves)


FlowState for creativity, flow, clarity, and positive energy in a calm state (12Hz – 7.83Hz, Alpha and the intersection of Alpha and Theta brain waves at the Schumann Resonance of 7.83Hz)

DeepSleep for deep, dreamless sleep (4Hz - 0.5Hz, Delta brain waves)

Focus for mental acuity and cognition – clarity, comprehension, and concentration (20Hz – 15Hz, Beta brain waves)


Ignite for high intensity, mistake-free performance (41Hz - 39Hz, Gamma brain waves)