How should I use KwikState Powered by NuCalm?

Maximize KwikState with daily use, occasion based use, and stacking with NuCalm, Focus, DeepSleep.

KwikState Powered by NuCalm is a new product, and we seem to learn a new way to incorporate KwikState to enhance productivity, efficiency, and positivity almost daily.  There are some established best practices and recommended protocols already, but check back as we will continually update with new recommended uses.

  • Daily Rituals: "Wake Up" and "Sleep Intentions" are recommended for daily use in the mornings and in the evenings. They help provide a foundation for positivity and success to start the day and also how to maximize your sleep time/dreamscape. Every day is different, but having routine check-ins with yourself to stay focused, grounded, and intentional will help you train your brain to achieve your goals. 
    • Listen to "Wake Up" soon after you wake from nighttime sleep. Ideally, before you check your calendar, email, or any other notification that arrived during the evening. You can either stay reclined and comfortable in your bed, or you can start your morning personal hygiene and caffeine routine while listening. You can also listen to "Wake Up" while on an early morning walk if you start off your day with some exercise. Some community members NuCalm first thing in the morning, immediately after waking. If so, then please stack "Wake Up" after as you will be balanced, restored, and rejuvenated-- a great time for a KwikState to maximize the day ahead!
    • Depending upon your nighttime routine, we recommend listening to "Sleep Intentions" either when you are preparing for bed such as teeth brushing, turning down the bed, washing your face; or right before you want to fall asleep. If you are a book reader before bed, then please listen to "Sleep Intentions" after reading. "Sleep Intentions" should be listened to right before sleep. Some community members use DEEP SLEEP for sleep onset. If so, then stack DEEP SLEEP right after "Sleep Intentions".
  • Occasion-Based/Brain Training: Since all learning is state-dependent, we are guiding you to the right state-of-mind with our patented neuroscience technology to learn and then overlaying Jim Kwik's proven methodology to maximize your efficiency and productivity. We've found that using neuroacoustic software tracks such as "Learning Tips" before starting a "brain project" (e.g., computer work, organizing your to-do's, reading, studying, memorizing, etc.) is a great use case to maximize your potential and output. Since Jim Kwik is speaking and guiding our mental state in the majority of these neuroacoustic software tracks, it may be challenging to play in the background while simultaneously working/studying. Some community members can and others prefer not to-- it's a personal preference. We do recommend taking 5-10 minute breaks every 30-45 minutes of concentrated work effort. You can take a walk, perform a quick household chore, replay a KwikState (or anything else you want to do for a quick break). Stacking the NuCalm Focus neuroacoustic software tracks in the background while performing your "brain project" is a great way case to maximize your productivity and state of mind.