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Join the 7-day NuCalm Reset Challenge to experience the benefits of less stress, better sleep, increased focus, and peak performance with no drugs.

The NuCalm RESET Challenge gives you 7 days full access to everything NuCalm has to offer. On day 8, you will be automatically enrolled in our most popular plan, SLEEPSUITE. You can select a different subscription plan that better fits your life, your needs, and your budget. OR, you can cancel anytime and pay nothing.


Terms and Conditions

  • The NuCalm Reset Challenge Free Trial includes 7 days full access to all 6 NuCalm channels: DeepSleep, Rescue, Focus, PowerNap, Ignite, and FlowState.
  • Cancel any time before day 8. Simply log into your NuCalm account and select cancel in subscription management.
  • On day 8, you will be automatically enrolled in the most popular NuCalm subscription plan, SLEEPSUITE, which includes Rescue, PowerNap, and DeepSleep for $29.99 USD per month.
  • You can cancel or sign up for any NuCalm subscription plan before you are automatically enrolled in SLEEPSUITE on day 8. We have plans that are $0.50 per day, $1.00 per day, or $1.67 per day.