Traveling with NuCalm

NuCalm can improve sleep quality and manage circadian rhythm dysfunction because it has the potential to reset homeostasis, which is the body’s internal equilibrium and balance in all physiological processes. NuCalm can also alleviate the stress of jet lag, and travel while quickly restoring order to your body rhythms and timing mechanisms. A 45-minute NuCalm session is proven to reset the autonomic nervous system and biological clocks quickly, even after crossing multiple time zones. Quick NuCalm travel tips:

  • Drink lots of water and add electrolytes to your diet as part of your pre-flight routine; dehydration during travel is common and increases the potential for jet lag
  • Be sure to NuCalm before your travel day for at least 30 minutes
  • Once you are comfortable in your seat, start NuCalm
  • For longer flights, do another NuCalm session an hour before the end of the flight (keep your disc on throughout the flight)
  • If you still feel sluggish or are having a difficult time adjusting to your local time zone, NuCalm again once you arrive at your destination
  • When you wake up the next morning, start your day with NuCalm and try to fit in a NuCalm session each day you are traveling

Before Traveling:

Get as much rest as possible before the trip

Begin altering your sleep schedule to match that at your destination

Avoid alcohol consumption – especially before flying and doing NuCalm

Do NuCalm every day during the few days before the trip, as it will groom neural pathways, balance the autonomic nervous system and build stress resilience

In-flight or transit:

Drink lots of water and take healthy electrolytes

Try and optimize comfort when financially feasible

Try and avoid being immobile for long periods of time – stretch, walk around the airport, switch positions often when sitting for long periods of time

Do NuCalm on the plane – make sure to log in to app and download tracks prior to flying

At a new destination:

Optimize light exposure based on the direction of travel

Supplement your sleep schedule with melatonin

Sleep strategically and time it according to the direction of travel – if you need to nap during the day only take short ones!

Do NuCalm in the afternoon, instead of napping, or in the morning to supplement a lack of quality nighttime sleep