The NuCalm Biosignal Processing Discs

Everything you need to know about the discs

How It Works



The NuCalm Biosignal Processing Discs provide the neurochemistry to accelerate the onset of the relaxation response, increase the depth of the experience, and prolong the physiological impact of Rescue, PowerNap, and FlowState.

Think of the disc like a battery. A battery contains a charge; once it touches a metal contact, that device begins pulling energy from it. Similarly, the disc contains signaling to activate the GABAergic system; once it touches your skin, your body begins pulling frequencies from it.

The Pericardium 6 acupressure point on your left arm contains a direct Meridien connection to the Pericardium sac which contains your heart. The frequencies of naturally occurring neurotransmitters, GABA and L-Theanine, travel through your arm, to your heart, to your brain. This interrupts the cortisol and adrenaline response, allowing the NuCalm "music" software to slow your brainwave frequency, thus relaxing the mind and body.

The discs are embedded with the electromagnetic frequencies specific to natural elements within our bodies. No chemical or transdermal element is released from the discs – only frequencies or biosignals are transmitted.

Disc Placement and Usage Instructions

The disc is only used for NuCalm sessions (Rescue, PowerNap, FlowState). The disc is not required for Ignite, DeepSleep, or Focus, however, you may use the disc with DeepSleep to enhance relaxation.

One disc should be placed three finger-lengths away from the edge of the left wrist. The disc should be under the third finger.

Each disc can be used only once. You may leave the disc on for the remainder of the day and sleep with it on to receive any residual calming effects remaining in the disc. Do not wear in the shower. Discard in the trash after removal.

Some people feel a little heat, tingling, or redness while the disc is on, while others don't feel anything. Both are normal experiences. In rare cases, there may be mild discomfort or irritation – in which case, you can place it on the left shoulder blade or on the ball of the left foot. Do not place it on the right wrist.


Protecting the Disc and Shelf Life

The bag containing the discs has a faraday cage which protects the programming in the disc from being corrupted by outside EMF frequencies from cell phones, laptops, smartwatches, etc. Keep all unused discs in this bag. It is safe to go through airport security with the discs, as long as they are in this faraday bag.

As long as the discs are stored safely, the discs do not expire.

If you wear any sort of smart watch or emf device on your left wrist, move it to the other wrist to protect the disc from signal. Be sure to turn off notifications during your session to avoid disruptions.

Subscriptions and Cost

We recommend using NuCalm daily for short-term stress relief and optimizing long-term health. However, we've noticed that it's challenging for people to establish new habits and routines. When we offered previous subscription options with monthly disc shipments included, we found that some community members built up an abundance of discs.

To help people ease into their new NuCalm routine, our subscriptions are now software-only, so you can pace discs purchases as needed. You can still achieve up to 90% efficacy with the NuCalm Rescue, PowerNap, and FlowState software alone.

You can order additional discs at any time at the NuCalm Store and pace yourself appropriately - $80 for a 20-pack; $400 for a 100-pack.