When and How to use Rescue, FlowState and PowerNap

Examples of when and how to use Rescue, FlowState and PowerNap

Athletic Performance

Rescue, FlowState or PowerNap can help because they bring the brain and body into a parasympathetic state which helps reduce muscle tension, deepen your breath, and relieve the mind of stress and distractions, equipping you to achieve greater results. We recommend listening to one of these channels up to 1 hour before exercise/game/competition.

Athletic Recovery

Inflammation, sleep quality, and even your mental resilience can all play a big role in how quickly you can recover. Rescue, FlowState and PowerNap bring the body to a deeply relaxed state, allowing you to idle in the optimal healing state of the parasympathetic nervous system. This state allows for quicker muscle recovery and quality sleep to facilitate new muscle memories and can help you to move on from that gameday loss by separating the negative emotion from that memory. It's best to use Rescue, FlowState or PowerNap within 1 hour after your exercise/game/competition.

Manage Stress

It’s imperative to your health and happiness to be able to manage stress and not be managed by it. Rescue, FlowState and PowerNap give you the power and control to relax and recharge anywhere, anytime. Rescue, FlowState and PowerNap “flip the switch” from high cortisol and adrenaline to deep relaxation and recovery. This allows your body to stop the flood of cortisol and transition away from the stress response and into the rest response. Regular use of any of the NuCalm journeys will help provide balance.


Subconscious revelations are often characteristics of the theta brainwave range, so Rescue, FlowState and PowerNap can assist this by easily getting you into the desired Theta brainwave state. The Rescue channel offers the deepest brainwaves states and longest journeys. 


Rescue, FlowState and PowerNap groom the body’s systems during a session so the body can properly function, switching you into restorative brainwave states which enables the parasympathetic state to thrive. This allows you to get into the perfect environment for enhanced sleep.

This sleep protocol has helped NuCalm users improve sleep quality and/or get off of sleeping pills:

  • Rescue, FlowState and PowerNap Duration: 20 minutes minimum; ideally – to natural endpoint
  • Rescue, FlowState and PowerNap Frequency: Five (5) times per week minimum; ideally – daily
  • NuCalm Time of Day: Any time 5 am – 7 pm; ideally no later than mid afternoon
  • Night NuCalm: Put on NuCalm DeepSleep at bedtime to help guide your brain in the direction of sleep if you are in a state of fight or flight. 

Slow Aging

Stress should be your primary target for anti-aging and eliminating it is what Rescue, FlowState and PowerNap were expressly designed for. Rescue, FlowState and PowerNap kickstart our parasympathetic response which allows for optimal rest and repair which is necessary for combating chronic stress, inflammation, and disturbed sleep which all tremendously accelerate aging. Regular use of any of these three channels  will help provide balance.

Weight Loss

When stressed, the body stores visceral fat, making it more uncomfortable to fit into your clothes. Cortisol, one of the hormones associated with chronic stress, can affect levels of ghrelin (the hunger signaling hormone) and leptin (the satiety signaling hormone). Rescue, FlowState and PowerNap help you control cortisol levels and reset the balance between ghrelin and leptin. It also helps you avoid stress-related eating, control your heart rate, and keep a positive attitude that will help you stay healthy. Regular use of any of the NuCalm journeys will help provide balance.

Fight Illness

Rescue, FlowState and PowerNap can each help accelerate recovery and restoration by helping to balance the body. When it comes to serious illness or disease, we recommend using 

NuCalm multiple times a day using the ultra restorative Rescue channel. This will help to put your body into a natural recovery zone.

Reduce Depression & Mood Disorders

First, NuCalm has documented measurable benefits for people with anxiety and depression. When you are feeling anxiety and depression, your body is in a state of sympathetic nervous system dominance. In other words, the part of your involuntary nervous system that prepares your body for its fight-or-flight response. NuCalm® can help bring you into calming brainwave patterns and help to harmonize heartbeats, allowing you to get into a calm space. Both Rescue and FlowState are great channels to use and we recommend going to your natural endpoint as often as possible.


If you are looking to do meditation with NuCalm - use two headphones, a bone conducting pair and a second over-ear pair. Play your meditation (voice only so the music doesn't interfere) on one pair of headphones and FlowState on the other. It may be difficult to focus on the guided meditation because the brain wanders in Alpha and theta rhythm and can't always hold a train of thought, but you can certainly try. Otherwise, play FlowState over a wireless Bluetooth speaker whilst listening to voice meditation or practicing breath work. If this is not possible, listen to Rescue, PowerNap or FlowState before meditation which will allow you to go deeper in subsequent meditation sessions.