NuCalm contraindications

NuCalm is very safe, and everyone can use NuCalm, including those who are pregnant/nursing, have a pacemaker, get migraines, and children.

NuCalm will even work for those with hearing loss, as it works through vibrations, not sounds.

Most people who have sensory processing issues (i.e Aspergers or autism) have a deficiency in GABA, so NuCalm has been found to help. We recommend giving the person control of the volume if possible.

NuCalm has been showing to help those with epilepsy, as well - especially in the cases where seizures are stress-induced or induced by hormonal imbalance.

NuCalm has also been found to help those with traumatic brain injuries (TBI), PTSD, and addiction. Clinical studies have also proven that NuCalm helps those with anxiety and depression. All of these profiles should use NuCalm the most.

Individuals with claustrophobia may not feel comfortable wearing the light-blocking eye mask. We recommend keeping your eyes uncovered if you feel uneasy with the eye mask on.

NuCalm can be used in conjunction with most other recovery modalities, including infrared sauna, leg compression therapy, CVAC, PEMF mats, Apolloneuro, Muse, hyperbaric chamber, IV therapy, light therapy, and neurofeedback.