Difference between NuCalm and other products

NuCalm has the only patent for balancing the autonomic nervous system, every time, without drugs.

NuCalm is not your average meditation app - it is a proven neuroscience technology that disarms the stress response and balances the body. It is the ultimate aid for those who are looking to be more mindful and open their subconscious minds. NuCalm slows down brainwaves into the Theta rhythm, which is the healing zone. With NuCalm, one can reap all the benefits of meditation without the white-knuckling, time, and patience.

There are thousands of binaural beat or relaxation applications/products in the marketplace. A search in the App Store alone results in over 150 apps featuring binaural beats.

NuCalm’s neuroacoustic tracks are more than binaural beats and are the next generation of brainwave entrainment. Traditional binaural beat music is linear and predictable - it may be effective once or twice but once your brain understands the pattern it will disengage. NuCalm tracks, on the other hand, are scientifically designed to keep your brain engaged for the first, second, and umpteenth use! The NuCalm tracks incorporate complex and nonlinear sound structures that create an unpredictable experience for the brain. The novelty and complexity of the sounds and tracks keep the brain engaged, allowing you to reliably fall into Alpha or Theta brainwave rhythms every time you use NuCalm.

The effect of binaural beats can be profound, but it is not consistent, predictable, and the brain typically develops a tolerance for the pattern after several exposures. They are nice to use when you are relaxed, but if you are actively in a stress response, they are not very useful. The technology is good for guiding brain wave function to a lower beta frequency or maybe alpha brain wave dominance. If someone is stressed, their brain wave function will be in the high beta range (33-38Hz). The primitive midbrain survival function is very refined and robust (thousands of years of evolution will do that). Binaural beats will not entrain a stressed brain to alpha until the adrenals fatigue and the brain wave function naturally slows down – this could take 15 minutes or two hours depending on the person’s physiology.

NuCalm uses binaural signal processing, coupled with a sophisticated catalog of physics and algorithms to quickly, predictably, and consistently slow down brain wave function to theta zones – every time and on every one, within three minutes, regardless of context or circumstances. NuCalm does not rely on audio entrainment to do all the work. NuCalm uses biosignaling to neutralize the stress response and then uses the world’s most sophisticated physics entrainment to lock you in.

In short, unlike other devices and apps on the market, due to the sophistication of the combined biochemistry and software physics and algorithms, your body can never build a tolerance to NuCalm.