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What is the best way to use DEEP SLEEP?

Use DEEP SLEEP to help you fall asleep

DEEP SLEEP was expressly designed to help with sleep onset. DEEP SLEEP, in combination with a regular NuCalm routine, can also improve sleep quality, reduce nighttime wakeups, and aid in going back to sleep easier. We recommend using the 8-hour version and starting it when you are either getting ready for bed or when you are ready to go to sleep at night. The first 50 minutes of the 8-hour version includes the brain entraining neuroacoustic software. The remaining 7 hours and 10 minutes provides a consistent audio environment.
If you choose the 50-minute version, please know you may inadvertently wake up when it ends due to a change in your audio environment. DEEP SLEEP works in conjunction with NuCalm to improve sleep quality so continue to NuCalm regularly. Click here for more information, guidance, and protocols.
Please also continue to follow good sleep hygiene practices.