How and When to use Focus

Best practices for listening to the Focus neuroacoustic software.

Focus puts you in the learning state by oscillating your brain waves between 15Hz – 20Hz.. When the human brain oscillates between 15Hz – 20Hz, the mind is clear from distractions, actively thinking, and learning with ease. In this mental state, your brain can integrate information, create new habits and adopt new behaviors more easily, turning thoughts into action.
We recommend listening to Focus when you are awake and you want to reduce mental distractions, improve your productivity and efficiency, consume and retain information more easily, and create uninterrupted. 
For optimal results, use high-quality headphones when listening to Focus, but you can also listen through a speaker.
You should NOT wear a NuCalm biosignal processing disc whilst listening to Focus. 
Many of our community members feel their mood elevated. 
"Focus is my “chaos interrupt” and concentration is my favorite. I can get so much more accomplished in the day, feel like I’m unstoppable and can keep going for many hours." Janet K, NuCalm Satisfaction Survey, 09/22
Click Focus Best Practices for more information, guidance, and protocols.
The author was listening to Clarity when writing this post.